How do you know if you have a shopping addiction?

Whether it’s buying that jacket you’ve wanted for a while or picking up a few new books from your favourite bookstore, treating yourself to a shopping spree every so often can feel great. Compulsive shoppers are always chasing the thrill of the purchase, so much so that it starts to take a toll on their […]

How To Deal with an Animal Hoarder

Are you concerned that someone you love is an animal hoarder? We all know people who are incredibly emotionally invested in their pets. Maybe you have a friend with three cats who would love to add another feline to the family. Or perhaps your parents talk about the family dogs with the same affection they […]

Decluttering Tips from Marie Kondo

No matter how clean we are or how attached we are to our possessions, we can all feel like clutter in our home is getting the best of us. It can be difficult to determine exactly what we do and do not need, especially if we don’t have a strategy to get rid of our […]