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Hoarding Cleanup Services

If hoarding or clutter is impacting your life, we would be honored to provide our expertise and assistance to help you. Making a decision to reach out for help is one that we understand could trigger many emotions. We respect the courage it takes to reach out, and we hope we can assist by lifting the burden from your shoulders.

We help you! Everything is completely confidential and we do not alert anyone to your situation. We work with you step-by-step during the process and develop a plan that works best for you.

What is Hoarding?

Hoarding occurs when someone has difficulty getting rid of possessions and an extreme build-up of items takes over the home; this often leads to homes that are disorganized, messy, and overwhelming. Those with Compulsive Hoarding Disorder often experience stress or anxiety when they think of throwing away their possessions.

Cases of Hoarding Disorder can range from minor to severe, but there are ways to help. Learn more about Obsessive Hoarding Disorder at the link below.

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Why Do People Hoard?

People hoard because they believe that their possessions are too valuable to part with or that they will be needed in the future.
Hoarders often experience the following symptoms:

  • Anxiety at the thought of throwing away their possessions
  • Indecisiveness when sorting and organizing
  • Distrusting with others touching their items
  • Disorganization
Why People Hoard

How 1st Hoarding Clean Up Can Help You

1st Hoarding Clean Up specializes in the decluttering, organization and cleaning of hoarders’ homes. Whether it be through extreme cleaning, odour neutralization, or even the preparation of your home for sale, we offer the best hoarding cleanup service in British Columbia.

Compassionate and discreet, our technicians prioritize your unique needs and privacy.

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1st Hoarding Clean Up prides ourselves on the integrity, responsibility and the safety of all individuals involved in our mission to care for our clients.

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