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Looking for a complimentary hoarding clean up?

Hoarders:Canada and 1st Hoarding Clean Up have embarked on a mission to help people experiencing hoarding issues reorganize their lives and reclaim their space so they can live their lives to the fullest.

The show not only aims to help people, but also to give advice and tips on how to declutter and transform their homes. The producers and the 1st Hoarding Clean Up team will work together to tackle the most challenging cleanups in Vancouver, BC providing a snapshot of the reality that many people deal with every day.

About 1st Hoarding Clean Up

Since 2001, 1st Hoarding Clean Up has had a clear mission to help all those who suffer from this condition to recover lost space.


If you know someone who needs help in this regard, or would like to nominate someone for us to do a complimentary cleaning, please contact Hoarders:Canada through their submission form, or call 1-800-858-6603

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