6 Tips on How to Stop Being a Hoarder

  Are you a hoarder? Do you know someone in your life who is a hoarder? Hoarding does not come from being lazy or having bad habits, but it’s getting too attached to your possessions to let go. Overcoming hoarding is not a one-day thing. If you managed to rearrange and tidy up your possessions, […]

5 Simple Ways to Help a Hoarder

Hoarding is a mental condition that exposes its victims to dangerous living conditions and social isolation. People who are hoarders don’t recognise that their behaviour is irrational and only a small percentage will try to find solutions to their hoarding habit. If you have a friend or family member who has a hoarding disorder and […]

6 Reasons Why People Become Hoarders

  Cleaning services are often called upon for their expertise in extreme hoarding cases. The hoarding condition in recent years is being recognised and researched by many authorities. Studies have identified numerous factors that contribute to the development of hoarding behaviour in different people, including personality types and past traumatic experiences. Why do people become […]

Signs That You Might Have a Hoarding Disorder

For a long time, people thought hoarding was a cause of bad habits or associated with messy, lazy and undisciplined people. Hoarding is characterised by long-standing difficulty in the discarding of possessions. This means that a person keeps acquiring new things, but can’t seem to throw away, recycle, resell or give away the things he/she […]