About 1st Hoarding CleanUp

Not Like Other Hoarding Cleanup Companies

1st Hoarding Clean Up was formed to provide compassionate help for people with Obsessive Compulsive Hoarding Disorder, along with their families, when their living environment becomes too difficult to manage on their own.

As hoarding cleanup specialists in Vancouver, British Columbia we have been fortunate to help many individuals restore their lives and homes. Whether you live in a one-bedroom studio apartment or a three-story mansion, we will come up with logical and practical solutions for all your clutter cleaning needs to reclaim your space.

The Necessary Experience and Knowledge

Your situation may seem very overwhelming to you due to the amount of clutter and personal possessions in your home. You can be assured that our expertise in hoarding cleaning services has provided us with the necessary experience to help guide you through the process of decluttering your home to give you a fresh start.

Hoarder Cleanup: How It Works

It is important to know that we do not simply enter your premises and begin to throw everything out that is in the home. We will develop a plan with you to declutter your house. There will be no surprises along the way. Our understanding of hoarding and clutter situations has allowed us to be in a category above and beyond our competitors.

Our staff of hoarding experts are trained in various compulsive hoarding disorders and know how to keep you at ease while providing compassionate and discreet services. For added privacy, our company vehicles are all unmarked, assuring your neighbours are not aware of, or alarmed by, our presence.

We’re Here to Help

Please don’t be ashamed. We understand that hoarding is a symptom of one or more underlying issues. Severe clutter can cause undue embarrassment and shame. We have entered many homes and nothing will surprise us. We are here to make every situation healthier while remaining non-judgmental and caring.

The 1st Hoarding Cleanup Story

1st Hoarding Clean Up was created by Brian Woronuik, founder of 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up Ltd. (1stTSCU) and 1st Pest Control.  Brian and his team have been providing hoarding help in Vancouver, BC as part of 1stTSCU’s services since 2001.

Click here to arrange for a on-site, or free online assessment of you home.  We can help you declutter your home.

about “ We don’t view anyone’s things as “junk” to just be removed. We understand that there’s a reason you have everything and that some things are more difficult to part with than others.

That’s why we work closely with our customers, It’s because of the personal nature of our work that our people are so important. Our 1st Hoarding Clean Up network is made up of top professionals you can trust to be a part of your family as we do our job.”