Animal hoarders

There can be many reasons why a person becomes an animal hoarder. Sometimes they develop from an affected emotional and mental condition, which leads them to adopt as many animals as possible to fill a personal need.

Characteristics of animal hoarders:

• It is impossible for them to ensure minimum levels of cleanliness, space, food, and veterinary care for their animals.
• They do not recognize the damage that hoarding animals means for the animals in their home.
• They continue to rescue more animals, usually stray animals.
• They deny having a hoarding problem even when they live in a deplorable situation.
• They believe that because they love their animals or because they have rescued them, the animals are already in good condition.

To identify them it is important to know that:

• They don’t know how many animals they have.
• Their property is run down and dirty, with fleas and other pests.
• The animals are skinny, and not well socialized.
• There may even be fights and aggression between the same animals because of this poor socialization.
• The hoarder ensures that their animals are in optimal conditions.
• They often call themselves “independent rescuers” to justify keeping so many animals.

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