When it comes to decluttering, it feels really good after it’s all done. However, getting started is often the hardest part of clearing out your cupboards and closets. You know where you want to end, but where do you start when you’re decluttering your home?

Let us help you with our tips for decluttering so you know how to start decluttering so you can enjoy a clean, uncluttered home sooner rather than later.

Recycling is a great way to start decluttering spaces

Before You Begin

To get yourself in the mood to declutter, we recommend doing the following things to ensure that you are in the right mindset to clear your home:.

Whether you’re decluttering one room or your whole house, start by visualizing what you want the space to look like. You might be overwhelmed by clutter and just think, “I want to get rid of it all!” But when you visualize the end result—and how you’ll feel with that end result in place—it will motivate you to begin.

The next step is to make a schedule for your decluttering session. It doesn’t all have to be done at once. You can schedule five minutes a day to break the decluttering into manageable chunks or set aside a weekend, two weeks in the future, where you’ll vow to get everything done. If you live with a partner or roommate, get them to agree on the schedule with you so you can tackle the tasks together.

Before starting your big declutter, make sure that you have the proper materials with you. Stock up on trash bags, make sure your recycling is handy, and grab a couple of new storage bins—you can get them inexpensively from the dollar store. Make sure that you also have cleaning supplies handy, so you can wipe down decluttered surfaces and keep your space clean after cleaning.

Finally, as you start to declutter, find something to make the experience pleasant, and get you into the zone. Maybe this means throwing on a playlist of your favourite eighties hits, lighting a candle for relaxation, or preparing one of your favourite snacks as a post-cleaning reward. While decluttering is overwhelming, it’s also very satisfying, especially when you add your favourite tunes or scents to the mix.

Getting Started

It’s the moment that you’ve been looking forward to or, more likely, the moment that you’ve been dreading. It’s okay! Everyone has to start somewhere. Remember that decluttering is a continual process and even the cleanest of people have clutter sometimes. Where do begin?

We recommend starting with the thing that you’re dreading the most. Why? Everything else will seem easier once you’ve cleared out the area that is always weighing on your mind. Maybe it’s that cupboard under the stairs filled with your kids’ artwork and other odds and ends throughout the years. Perhaps it’s that dining table that somehow became the paper scrap table. Or maybe, it’s your entire kitchen. Either way, start there – you’ll be surprised how much easier it is once you get going.

Second, create three areas for your clutter before even thinking about organizing the things that you’ll keep. These areas should consist of:

Trash: Where you can put your garbage and sort recycling for anything you want to go. Remember to take this trash and recycling out the day you declutter, so you don’t have to look at it and worry about it anymore.

Donation: If you feel like some of your clutter would still be useful for someone else, put it in a donation bin. It’ll make you feel good to know that the possessions you no longer want will be going to someone who might really need them! Again, make sure that these are donated to your local shelter or thrift store soon after you declutter; you don’t want them gathering dust in your home.

Keep: Finally, put the things you want to keep in a separate area so that you can organize them and put them back where they belong after you are finished decluttering. (Can’t figure out what to keep? Check out our blog on Marie Kondo’s KonMari method to find what ‘sparks joy’ for you!)

When you’re decluttering a room, start with flat surfaces, such as tables, counters, and shelves. Not only are these easy to clean and organize, but you’ll get the gratification of seeing the clear space at the beginning of your decluttering session, which can inspire you to keep going.

Finally, decluttering can bring up a lot of dust and reveal spills and dirt that you haven’t encountered before. Remember to clean as you go so you can enjoy a fresh home free of clutter!

Remember – treat yourself when you’re done! Decluttering is a big task, and you deserve a reward for this accomplishment. Enjoy that snack you made for yourself earlier, take a bath in your reorganized bathroom, or have a friend over to enjoy your rejuvenated space.

When Decluttering Takes A Toll

If your home is entirely overwhelmed by clutter, or you feel deeply anxious at the thought of getting rid of anything in your home, you may have a hoarding disorder. 1st Hoarding Clean Up is here to help you. For years, we’ve been compassionately helping those who hoard declutter and clean their space, while keeping the items most important to them and respecting the difficult decision you’ve made to get help. Contact us today by calling (855) 468-2588 or contacting us here.

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