Dealing with a hoarder husband

Hoarders don’t always live alone; they often live with someone who unconsciously allows them to be hoarders. So, if your husband is a hoarder, maybe it’s time to think if you are part of the problem. There are many ways to help someone with too much stuff reduce what he has.

At first, you may think it could be a solution, but throwing someone else’s belongings without their knowledge or approval can make them feel violated and won’t trust you in the future. Rather, ask for their permission for everything you dispose of.

Four tips to deal with a hoarder husband:

Suggest a date To tidy up spaces. Example: “How about we tidy up the garage over the weekend?”
Ask for permissionBefore you get rid of anything.
Limit the space for storageTell him that it’s ok to keep stuff in the garage, but not in the spare bedroom.
Be positive and focus on progressConcentrate on the achievements and not the big pile that’s still left to sort through.
These four simple tips can be the initial step in dealing with your hoarding husband. If you need help to declutter a space, please don’t hesitate to reach us online, or call 855-GOT-CLUTTER.


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