What to do if a friend or family member is an extreme hoarder

Attempts by family and friends to help eliminate clutter may be unwelcome by the compulsive hoarder.

It is useful to note that:

  • Until the person is internally motivated to change, he/she may not accept help.
  • Motivation cannot be forced.
  • Everyone, including people who hoard, has the right to make decisions about their objects and how they want to live.
  • Hoarders are often hesitant about accepting help and getting rid of things.


Can we help a compulsive hoarder just by cleaning their house?

The short answer is no. Attempts to ‘deep clean’ the home of a hoarder without addressing the underlying problem often fail. Families and social workers can spend hours and thousands of dollars cleaning a home only to find that the problem recurs, often within a few months.

Hoarders whose homes are cleaned without their consent often experience extreme distress and may become even more attached to their possessions. This can lead to a refusal of help in the future.

Our advice is to make the hoarder “participate” in the decision to declutter their home to avoid recurring hoarding experiences.

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