Hoarding tenant

Are you a property manager, and have you recently come across a hoarding tenant?

Since founding 1st Hoarding Clean Up in 2012, we have been providing extreme clean-up services to property management companies.

When you contact us, we are well aware of the urgency you are experiencing, and we understand you require the decluttering job to be finished in a prompt and effective manner so that the rental unit can be back on the market as quickly as possible.

Additionally, stockpiling combustible items like books, magazines, and newspapers raises the risk of a fire, and the clutter itself can obstruct an escape route in the event of a fire.

Our expertise is backed up by more than 10 years of experience as well as hundreds of successfully completed jobs. 1st Hoarding Clean Up provides a comprehensive range of services, including:

Extreme clean-up:

After a hoarding tenant has moved out of an apartment or house, we will clean the property from top to bottom, removing trash, animal urine and feces, rodents, and much more, as well as emptying the refrigerator of spoiled food.

Odour Neutralization:

Eliminating offensive odours from spoiled food and decomposing remains, as well as sanitizing the kitchen and bathrooms,.


Removal of small, medium, and large objects, including books and magazines, sofas, mattresses, and hazardous materials.


Including electronic waste, and appliances

Estate Cleaning and Preparation For Sale

We offer quick and efficient services. From a one-bedroom apartment to a 50-unit complex, rest assured that your unit will be left clean and safe. For more information, please contact us here or talk to us at 1-855-GOT-CLUTTER

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