Hoarding, a complex mental health condition, often necessitates professional intervention to declutter and restore a living space. When considering hiring a hoarding cleanup company, understanding the process and expected timeline is crucial.

Steps Involved in Hiring a Hoarding Cleanup Company:

Understanding the Process of Hiring a Hoarding Cleanup Companypportive environment for a hoarder within the family

Initial Consultation:

Assessment:The cleanup company conducts an assessment of the hoarding situation, evaluating the extent of clutter and potential hazards.

Discussion:Clients discuss their concerns, objectives, and any specific requirements with the cleanup team.

Creating a Cleanup Plan:

Customized Strategy:Based on the assessment, the cleanup company devises a tailored plan outlining the necessary steps, resources, and estimated timeline for the cleanup process.

Coordination:Scheduling and logistics are discussed and finalized with the client.

Cleanup Execution:

Sorting and Organizing:

Trained professionals categorize items, distinguishing between valuables, items for donation, and waste.

Cleaning and sanitizing:

The cleanup team thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the space, addressing any structural or safety issues.

Debris Removal:

Removal of clutter, waste, and unwanted items as per the agreed plan.

Post-Cleanup Follow-up:


A final inspection ensures that the cleanup meets the client’s expectations and safety standards.

Typical Timeline for Hoarding Cleanup

As an example, the duration of hoarding cleanup can vary based on the level of clutter and the property’s size.

3 Bedroom House:

A moderate hoarding situation might take approximately 5 to 7 days for a cleanup company to complete, including sorting, cleaning, and organizing.

5 Bedroom House:

A more extensive cleanup for a larger property may range from 7 to 10 days, considering the additional space and potential complexities.

Hoarding Cleanup Company Process

Hiring a hoarding cleanup company involves a systematic approach tailored to individual needs. Understanding the process and expected timeline helps in preparing for the cleanup while ensuring a thorough and efficient restoration of the living space. If you or someone you know is facing challenges with hoarding, seeking professional help can make a significant difference in reclaiming a safe and healthy living environment.

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