decluttering process

A 3-step method is a practical approach to decluttering a hoarded space despite the fact that no two instances of hoarding and clutter removal are precisely the same. At 1st Hoarding Clean Up we typically follow a three-step method. From animal hoarding and food hoarding to bibliomania, our efficient decluttering method will ensure you will keep what’s important for you to keep safe and undisturbed, as well as ensure the place is clean and safe to return to.

Step 1: Clutter Removal

During this stage of the process, items found within the home are sorted and then either discarded, donated, or kept. In most cases, a dumpster is used by 1st Hoarding Clean Up to dispose of non-regulated rubbish. The correct procedures will be followed in order to dispose of any equipment, electronics, appliances, gadgets, or garbage that may be hazardous or harmful to the occupant of the hoarded space.


Step 2: Organizational Fundamentals

Then, the goods, objects, and any other materials that are going to be kept are transported to the proper and safe location in the home and are stored in a tidy and orderly manner in closets, cabinets, or furniture.


Step 3: Disinfecting and deodorizing

At the end of the 3-step method of decluttering service, 1st Hoarding Clean Up will clean the floors, appliances, cabinets, furniture, counters, and any other areas of the home that require it. Under piles that have not been moved for a significant amount of time, we frequently discover hazardous biological materials such as mold and germs. In some instances, we discover additional pollutants, such as animal excrement or remains. To provide the best possible outcomes, we employ solutions that are specifically formulated to cleanse, sanitize, and eliminate odors.


Examples of before and after decluttering hoarded spaces in Vancouver, BC (Using the 3-step method)



Before decluttering a hoarded space Before decluttering a hoarded space, in this case the kitchen area
Before After
There are numerous health and safety risks associated to hoarding. In this case, we helped a lady in downtown Vancouver, BC sort out her place. The owner of this hoarded place felt like she had a "second chance" in her life after we decluttered her hoarded space in downtown Vancouver, BC
Before After


1st Hoarding Clean Up is a group of professionals dedicated to providing compassionate, responsible, and discreet decluttering services for those in need of a clean space and peace of mind. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you get back on your feet.

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