What are the costs for a hoarding clean up?

Because every job is different, we provide onsite assessments, and free online assessments that will detail the services necessary to get your space back to the condition you want it.

What if there are valuables in the house?

Our staff is trained to sort belongings so that valuable and sentimental items are recovered. If you are aware of any items that we need to specifically look for, we request you inform us before the cleaning begins.

Why should we use 1st Hoarding Clean Up?

We do not perceive anyone’s belongings as “Junk” to just be removed and discarded. We understand that there’s a reason you have everything and that some items are more difficult to part with than others. That’s why we work closely with you to develop a plan and maintain communication each step of the way.

Why do I need a professional clean up company?

There are many different hazards associated with moderate to severe hoarding that can cause serious injuries or respiratory problems requiring hospitalization and, in extreme cases, may lead to death. Air quality, ammonia, mold Toxic or flammable products These pose a very real fire hazard Every year dozens of hoarders die from fires Spilled poisons Rodents […]